WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY parents and kids activity

I know that you already have a calendar for this year. But if you have been reading my posts on Secondhand smoke and enjoyed the little Smoke Monsters I have a freebie for you. Each month's page of this calendar has one cute and colorful Smoke Monster. Your kids will love it.

It will be an easy and fun WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY activity for you and your kid!

Here's how to do it!

Go to my SCRIBD page to download the 7 pages PDF file.

2º Print the file in your office printer using a good size A4 paper.

3º Cut it with X acto knife and ruler using the printed guides.

4º Use a CD jewel box as a stand-flip.

5º Keep all the sheets inside the CD box.

6º Avoid secondhand smoke exposure all year!

Freebie Calendar 2011

This activity was included in The Crafty Crow blog and on One Pretty Thing blog too. But I can't link to this one now, don't know what's the problem with it, both are interesting blogs for you to follow too if you enjoy DIY projects. The first is DIY for kids 3-5 years old.


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