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Portuguese salami chocolate easy recipe

  Hello good people!  I'm not much into sweets, I just eat dark chocolate all the time. Usually, I finish my meals with black coffee without sugar and a piece of chocolate. Lately, instead of chocolate, I've been eating candied or crystallized ginger. I've become so addicted to it that I almost forgot chocolate! But today I missed  Salame de Chocolate. This salami is not the traditional cured sausage consisting of fermented and air-dried meat, typically pork. It's made with cookies and chocolate. Do you want to know how to make Salami Chocolate? These are the ingredients for Salame de Chocolate or Chocolate Salami. Salame is a very popular treat in Portugal, any youngster knows how to do it. It combines the sweetness of old and traditional Portuguese Maria cookies and cocoa to make an unbelievably tasty treat. Some recipes may include almonds and walnuts, or Porto wine or coffee but this one I am making is the first one I learned, it's very easy and inexpensive. The

Baked Russet apples with cinnamon and Port

  Hello! Do you like baked apples ? Of course, you do. My favorite apples to bake are "maçã reinetas " . In the English language, it translates to Russet apples, and they are easy to recognize because they have rough and dull skin. Egremont Russet is a classic English russet apple from the Victorian era. The skin is entirely covered with "russet", which feels like very fine sandpaper. The pulp has a sweet flavor and a tendency to flour and is yellow in color. Not all russet apple varieties are the same in appearance, taste, or texture. Even the term "russet" is not clearly defined.  When peeled you can eat it in salads for example, and they are also a popular partner for cheese. The most common Portuguese Russet are from Alcobaça, a region known for wonderful fruit production, and also the ones from Fontanelas, in Sintra. Portuguese Russets are harvested in the first half of September. You can try this recipe with other kinds of apples. They will behave