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Portugal is the largest cork exporter in the world!

How do you like the new Zazzle cork coasters with Portuguese designs on them? I am glad Zazzle is presenting cork as a material. I wonder if it's Portuguese cork! Unfortunately, it's just a set of coasters. There are a lot of products made of cork that could get our designs printed. I am thinking of writing some posts about it. I have some. I like cork products a lot. I just don't have more cork products in the house because they can be expensive.  Portugal has many companies that work to produce cork products. And not just the traditional bottle cork stoppers anymore. Designers are creating incredible the most incredible products - shoes, clothes, jewels, bags, bowls, almost anything. Cork is so versatile. Check Granorte, one of the most reliable and prestigious companies in the cork industry. Granorte is a Portuguese company, founded in 1972 to recycle cork waste from cork stoppers manufacturing. Granorte offers a complete range of cork products from granulated to ag