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The legend of the Portuguese Rooster and Portuguese Rooster Pillows!

The Rooster of Portugal Accent Pillow by aportugueselove Hi Zazzlers and friends! I'll be short in words today because my cold got worse and I am about to go to bed with a cup of hot tea, honey, and cinnamon. This Rooster=Galo is the national non-official symbol of Portugal and its stands for honesty , faith , justice , and luck . I forgot if I ever told you the legend of the Rooster of Barcelos on this blog. Barcelos is a small town in the north of Portugal . It is known for its pottery and clay sculptures. The most famous is the colorful clay rooster!! There are several versions of the legend of the Rooster of Barcelos but they are all more or less the same. It goes like this. Once upon a time, Barcelos's inhabitants were alarmed by a crime - someone had stolen a silver piece from an important landowner. Suspicion fell on a stranger from the neighboring Spanish province of Galiza. He was just passing by on his way to worship St. Tiago of Compostela following a pilg

Blessing Bags for the Homeless - please, spread the word!

Photo of one of the bags ready to be delivered! Today I learned that two young American teen children (13 and 16 years old) from Florida are working to help the homeless in their residence area with small gift bags filled with necessities they want to deliver the weekend before Christmas. Their mother is a fellow Zazzler. As I opened my Facebook today I was appalled by what I read. The kid's mother sent a message to a local online newspaper and asked if they'd be interested in running a story on her 2 boys. They need a little exposure to their cause, of course. The message must go out as far as possible. It's not just about asking for money. It's about putting together concrete actions to help people have a better Christmas. The online newspaper guy just wasn't interested. First, because kids are just using Facebook and somehow Facebook must be an instrument of the devil, it seems the online newspaper guy disapproves of its use to do good. Then he considere

Unique Christmas gifts - adopt a star!

While browsing the internet I found this page about adopting a star . It's almost Christmas. What better gift to offer ourselves than a star? The idea is so lovely and funds go for star research. It was just 10$. 10$ for a star...not much is it? Who's the father of this idea? Travis Metcalfe. Travis Metcalfe is an astronomer at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado. He started White Dwarf Research Corporation in 1999, while he was a graduate student at the University of Texas-Austin. There are no paid employees - WDRC is run entirely on a volunteer basis by himself and the board of directors . The Pale Blue Dot project was launched in January 2008 to help raise research funds for the Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium , which does not receive any funding from NASA even though our work is central to the science goals of the Kepler mission. The KASC is an international collaboration, and NASA is not allowed to fund foreign organizations. That's where you

Until death do us part horrible campaign

Hello friends and Zazzlers! I'm with a big cold and no patience for Zazzle or anything. But I just came across this fresh campaign and felt like showing it here. A bit shocking, it really makes you stop to think about it. It reads: Until death does us part. On November 25th International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is celebrated so Portuguese APAV - The Portuguese Association for Victim Support marked the anniversary by launching this tremendous awareness campaign on violence against women. What do you think about it? How do you imagine domestic violence across Europe? - 98% of people are now aware of domestic violence across the EU compared to 94% in the previous survey. - Awareness of domestic violence against women is very high across the EU, thanks to media such as television (92%), newspapers, and magazines (59%) informing the vast majority of EU citizens about the problem. - Domestic violence remains very common: one respondent in four across t

Buy gifts with flowers for your lady online

French Flower And Honey Cinch Bag  by  Spin_the_Globe See another  Drawstring backpack Hello! So you have a problem. You are romantic. You like to offer flowers on special occasions. But the lady in your life says it's a waste of money. Flowers soon will die. She says that flowers belong in the garden! She is a practical woman that loves Nature. She may have a point! No problem. There are plenty of Zazzle products with beautiful illustrations of flowers or flower photography! These are great products to offer on a special occasion, like an anniversary, Valentine's or just because you enjoy making a nice surprise now and then. If your girlfriend, wife, or lady friend does not like flowers here's the perfect list of gifts! You will find backpacks, Messenger small bags, tote bags, Samsung iPhone 6 Cases, and beautiful notebooks - and don't forget you can customize the words - mugs, plates, pillows, keepsake boxes, luggage tags, and more! Lots of ideas for a gift