2010/2011 UEFA Europa League Final is Portuguese

Before the Carnation Revolution, 25 April 1974, to say that Portugal was the country of the “3 F’s” - fado, football, and Fátima (religion) was a common thing to say. The combination of these three elements would be enough to keep the Portuguese happy. I really can’t say. I was too young then. But, well, I have already posted about fado and Fátima. So I guess a post on football is missing! I had the perfect excuse to bring the match into this Portuguese blog corner today. Not sure if I’ll be happier afterward, though!

2010/2011 UEFA Europa League Final is tomorrow in Dublin, Ireland. It will be a unique final with two Portuguese football teams on the field. FC Porto eliminated Villarreal 7-4 and will meet Braga in the Europa League final. Dublin will host the first-ever all-Portuguese European final. The Portuguese champions FC Porto are favored in the final, having already beaten Braga twice this season. I am not a football enthusiast anymore but I watched many FC Porto’s games. This team is the best Portuguese football team at the moment. But SC Braga is also showing interesting football and I bet Dublin will be enjoying a great match.


  1. Ireland will give back the cup Greece took in 2004

    It's a PIGS case :-))

    Boa Noite Amiga

  2. fado, fatima (religion and football. but isn't football a religion too?

  3. Good point there! Football is kind of a religion for many.

  4. Well done Porto! A tedious match but worthy winners.


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