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My old Wacom is simple and cool

My Wacom Graphire4 has customizable express keys, tablet wheel and a pressure-sensitive eraser and cordless battery-free pen. Hello friends and Zazzlers! Last December I bought a new computer and I am still updating the software to it. I gave this buy a lot of thought. I did not want to spend much, I do not have a lot of money these days! But I wanted a good machine. Finally, I decided and bought ASUS and picked Windows 7 because I have very old software and I was afraid it would not install on Windows 8. My main concern was Freehand because I have lots and lots of works created with Freehand. And I still use it often even if no updates to FreeHand have been made for over years. Adobe has no plans to initiate development to support it but I like Freehand because I can use it even with my eyes shut! Windows 7 worked just fine. I just needed to download new drivers for my scanner and Wacom tablet . My scanner is old but I wasn't interested in buying a new one. The Epson scan

Cristiano Ronaldo is cover of spanish GQ magazine

Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous world soccer player and he is Portuguese as many of you know. Usually, I don't write about football. This time I will not do it either! But a friend just sent me this photo and caption to tease me! I am always saying how good Ronaldo looks in photos as a model. She disagrees. Once more I have to say that in my humble opinion he looks great and I also like the clothes he's wearing. I like the color red and the mix between serious and sportswear. In fact, I don't know why men can't wear more happy colors. It's just a question of fashion and culture. In Africa men and women of all ages dress in colorful clothes and I like that! He's the cover of the spanish magazine GQ for March and inside there's an interview where he says: Criticism is part of our business, we have to live with it. What hurts me the most is criticism for issues outside the pitch. I do not mind when it comes to my game, because again, I am the first to realize w

Portuguese singer Cristina Branco has a new record!

A sample from the new record from one of my favorite Portuguese singers, Cristina Branco! The CD will be out next week and its title is ALEGRIA=JOY. This is good, oh, this is really good. Just listen! There's a song in English also.

Custom wedding invitations from Zazzle

Modern Square Wedding Invitation - Chevron Chat  by  modernweddings View other Wedding Invitations at Hi my dear friends and Zazzlers! Yesterday an Irish lady friend of mine got engaged! I am really happy for her. It seems the guy asked her to marry him 3 times. Finally, she accepted! I am happy for her. And today I just got an email from a friend of mine who has decided to get married. Love is in the air, I believe, LOL! She and her longtime companion went out for a special Valentine's dinner to celebrate such a special decision yesterday. The overall number of married couples has declined in Portugal over the years and people get married later. Maybe because other kinds of living arrangements are now more socially acceptable or maybe because girls and boys that go to college want to have a career before they settle down. Maria João and Mário have been living together for 10 years. Now they finally decided to tie the knot! It's always a great joy to get th