Do you use Google Keyword Tool?

The last Zazzle Newsletter included a link to Keywords & tag information and that gave me the idea to write a post. Google likes a webpage for several reasons and one is the number of popular keywords that a page contains. I first started to pay attention to this when I started using Google Adsense in some of my blogs. You’ll need it too if you want to get potential traffic to your site or blog. Good keyword choice, good content and an updated regular blog are just what you need to get good search engine traffic. Research good keywords and use them in your content and you´ll get better results. Gather keywords related to your business or blog topic in a list and use it when posting. You can even use these ideas to create blog posts when you run out of imagination. Keywords you want are the words and phrases people search for when they visit a search engine. So think about those people you want to get attention from and use their words not yours when you do this exercise.

How to find the right keywords? Use the Google Keyword Tool. There are others but this one is free. Go to Google Keyword Tool and type it in the appropriate box. You can use advanced options and filters. How do you know that a keyword is a good keyword? Look at the data you’re getting from the Google Keyword tool. In the second column, you get the number of advertisers that invest in the correspondent word – it’s COMPETITION. The Competition column gives you a sense of how many advertisers are bidding for a particular keyword. It’s people who are paying to advertise on Google. The higher this value the higher the commission you’ll receive if people click on your blog ads but it will be also more difficult to optimize your blog to this search. Keywords that have a lot of competition aren’t good for you. If the bar is full turn away and searches for another keyword.
Also, stay away from keywords that don’t get enough volume searches. GLOBAL MONTHLY SEARCHES shows you this volume per month. You must find a balance between these two values, Competition, and Search. What you want to find is a relevant search. If a keyword is not good you must search-related keyword phrases that aren't quite as competitive and yet can be potentially more lucrative because they have relevant search. Explore the Google Keyword Tool: search for keyword ideas using any combination of keywords, a URL, and categories. You can download and save your searches to your PC for later use. Note that The Keyword Tool shows search data from Google search. Data from the tool may vary due to the ad group you've selected, or whether you've accessed the tool from outside of your account. You don’t need to pay anything to use a Google Adwords account and its tool.