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Sunset at Figueira da Foz Portuguese beach

Last Sunday, October 25, we've had Daylight Saving Time clock usual change - 1:00 AM back to 12:00 Midnight. I hate it. As a result, we´ll get an early evening with the sun going down too soon for my taste for the following months. I took this photo 45 minutes ago.In Summer at this same hour we have still a lot of natural light...

My store is one week!

Little Stinker Skunk I'm Sorry Greeting Card by krichard08 It has been a week since I opened the store. It’s too soon to have an opinion on how it will perform but I have a good feeling about it. I discovered lots of excellent stores, and great artists are selling great stuff on Zazzle. It’s a market like any other. I had two surprises from two Zazzlers, one posted one of my designs (Party Flu!!!) on the front page of the store, and the other made a public show of her gratitude on her blog just because I dropped by her Wall page to leave some words. Both reactions are fantastic proof of generosity. We Zazzlers need publicity and so I am happy and thrilled with what these two absolute strangers did. robot invasion 1-1 postcard by 3DMOONMAN Moonman’s store theme is all things space. It's called 3DMoonman store . It was fun to visit his (or her) planet on Zazzle as I am such a sci-fi fan. I’ve seen all movies, and all TV series and read all possible comics a

The name of the store: A Portuguese Love

Omg Cartoon GIF from Omg GIFs Things started nicely. I put into my head that in one week my new Zazzle store should open to the public. I am a determined girl and so I did. I called my shop The Portuguese girl. I liked that name very much. I googled it but not enough and this is a lesson I’ve learned. One must be careful before naming stores. My shop was running and I was happy with it. Well, not too happy. Some of the designs were finished in a rush to fulfill my goal. My new store had 30 visits each day, lots of encouragement on The wall, and nice words from the Zazzle community. I joined a lot of Fan Clubs and got my share of fans too. I discovered some pretty good galleries. Two of them belonged to a Portuguese girl and mother. Then on Sunday morning, I googled again and there it was! I found a shop named mine that selling also Portuguese inspired designs. Ok, I know that I am not being 100% original here. But what a coincidence that a Portuguese girl living in Californ

Sweethearts handkerchiefs or lenços de namorados

The sweetheart’s favors or " Sweethearts´ handkerchiefs ", also known as " love handkerchiefs " are a Portuguese tradition. It dates maybe from the 17th century. They have a symbolic function - the conquest of a man's love. These squares are made of linen or cotton and have embroidered messages dedicated by a young woman to the man she is in love with. She then sent it to the man and, if her love was returned, he would use the handkerchief in public. In case he didn´t, the romantic dream was over. Often these handkerchiefs have language mistakes and rhyme. Designs include blackberry vines, bouquets, flowers, hearts, keys to open hearts, butterflies, doves, religious symbols, etc. Linnen is embroidered in cross stitch, running, and stem stitches.  Here's an example of " lenço de namorados ". The maker is Virgínia Fonseca and she lives in Peso da Régua.  I like the simplicity and ingenuity of it all. Image  source Love

A mug of hot chocolate and spice for Halloween?

Halloween Girl witch costume Birthday Invitation Hello! Here in Portugal, we don´t celebrate Halloween . Mmmmm. Not totally true...a lot of acculturation has taken place. But kids do not do the trick-or-treat thing door-to-door yet. I like the spirit of Halloween! Pumpkins rule!  I am so fond of pumpkins. I do not know what´s Halloween traditional beverage. But I would like to fill this mug with hot chocolate. I found an interesting recipe at The steaming cup! "The Aztecs were the first to serve chocolate as a drink, but they also mixed it with hot chili pepper to make a really special beverage. Try something exotic with your hot chocolate today. You can always reduce the amount of chili if it's too hot for you." 

WHY? How to buy from Zazzle?

Welcome to the blog of A Portuguese Love Zazzle Store !  The products presented on this blog are all for sale. (Some are created by Associate Zazzle Stores, not me. If you buy one of these I'll earn a small percentage.) You can access to A Portuguese Love Store by clicking on this link or the link in the above bar, any product/link on the blog posts, or any product/link presented on the flash widgets available on your right. How can you buy a product from A Portuguese Love Store or Associate? 1. If it's your first time on Zazzle, you will have to register. It's a simple process. Then, when you find the product you wish to buy, you must click on top of it and you'll get something like this: You can check product details for more information. Then you must click the button Add to Cart. After, if you have a Promo Code/Gift Certificate you must enter it. Then Proceed to check out and enter the Shipping address. It's pretty easy. YOUR COUNTRY