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Travel+Leisure on S. Bento's (Oporto) railway station

Travel+Leisure picked the 16th most beautiful railway station in the world. S. Bento's Oporto railway station made the list. You know, a list is just a list made by people. But most buildings picked are really awesome. You can check it here . "While the exterior is certainly beautiful—and brings to mind 19th-century Parisian architecture with its mansard roof and stone façade—it is the front hall that will make you gasp. The walls are covered with 20,000 splendid azulejo tin-glazed ceramic tiles, which took 11 years for artist Jorge Colaço to complete."

Helping African children - Faces of Africa Exhibition, Ireland

Hello! It has been a while since my last post. I have been dealing with some situations that have kept me away from the internet and creative work too! Today I want to share with you something a bit different. See, I like to work with real ink too. A Portuguese Love blog is full of vectorial drawings but today I posted two canvases I created with collage and ink. To work with collage, well, it takes more patience and time than to work with Illustrator or Freehand. It's messier as I always get a lot of cut paper on the floor and I have to deal with glue and varnish. But it's a lot of fun too. Plus you get very original work. I am donating these two canvas collages to an exhibition that will take place in Ireland next November. I met this Irish painter Rosetta Jallow online a few months ago and she was organizing it. It's called Faces of Africa. All the money from Faces of Africa Exhibit sales will go to several African charities. I would like to invite you to read the p