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Military vehicle symbol of 25 April Revolution T-Shirt

  Military vehicle symbol of 25 April Revolution T-Shirt Available online April 25 is now celebrated as a national Portuguese holiday. It marks a bloodless military coup that was supported by the civilian population. It allowed democracy and civil liberties to the Portuguese people after almost five decades of dictatorship (1937-1974). The Carnation Revolution ended the Estado Novo regime, the longest dictatorship in Europe, changing the Portuguese political system from an authoritarian dictatorship to a democracy. If you take a look at the 25 April Revolution footage and photos you’ll see these vehicles on the streets of Lisbon with soldiers on top and then civilians. A “chaimite” is a light armored personnel carrier vehicle. It was the first military vehicle produced in Portugal and performed during the Portuguese Colonial War. This Portuguese-designed combat vehicle was the first one produced in Portugal for the Portuguese armed forces in 1966. Captain Salgueiro Maia left SantarĂ©m i

April 25th Military vehicle camouflage pattern button

  Military vehicle camouflage pattern button Available online A bloodless military coup occurred on 25th April 1974 in Portugal which ended the repressive and dictatorial leadership of the country. The Carnation Revolution was the last great popular uprising in Western European history. The longest dictatorship in Europe, the Estado Novo, had prevailed for almost 50 years - The old regime, or Estado Novo, was founded in 1933. Just past midnight tanks moved into Lisbon and took control of television, radio centers, and the airport. Troops armed with machine guns stormed the barracks where the Prime Minister and two of his ministers had taken refuge. Spontaneous demonstrations filled the streets. Thousands of civilians mingled with the soldiers, the newly formed MFA - Movement of Armed Forces - despite orders to stay inside.They shouted O Povo unido, jamais sera vencido! This means The united people will never be defeated. General Antonio de Spinola received the surrender of prime minist

25 April, the Carnation Revolution, Portugal T-Shirt

  25 April, the Carnation Revolution, Portugal T-Shirt Available to buy online 25 April Revolution, the Carnation Revolution, began as a military coup by several hundred lieutenants, captains, and majors disappointed by their colonial war experience in Africa. The authoritarian regime had been in power for almost 50 years. A red carnation was their symbol and this illustration was inspired by it. The story of this Portuguese symbol is that Tourist Day was being celebrated and there were lots of carnations for distribution in the markets of Lisbon back in 1974. An important restaurant was holding a party to celebrate one year of existence but because of the Revolution going on the manager decided not to open for the day. It also bought carnations that were given to employees that took the flowers home. One woman that was passing by was asked for a cigar by a military from the revolutionary coup. But she was a non-smoker. So she gave him the carnation and immediately he placed it in the