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Give me a LIKE on Facebook and help me save Davis!

Image Friends and customers! I need your help! If I win this Facebook St.John's Hammer Contest I'll get some prize money that I'll give my sister to pay for Davis's expensive surgery. If you have a Facebook account, please give me a LIKE and share this image. You'll be helping my four-legged friend! Thank you so much!

Photography - Marchas Populares in Lisbon

Hello, friends and customers! It has been a while since my last postage here. I've been busy and worried about my nephew's dog. Not much free time these last weeks. Soon I will create some special Zazzle products for dog lovers and I really hope you'll like them and help me promote them so I can earn some little extra money! Davis is very sick and the surgery is awfully expensive. We're asking for a little help from animal lovers. Meanwhile, I want to share some beautiful photos by Fernando Mendes, a talented photographer that allowed me to show you a bit of what happens in Lisbon in June. I was born in Lisbon but I never watched this live, only on TV. It's a great time to visit the city if you like street events!! Everybody will be on the street. It's Santo Antonio's party! It happens on the night of the 12th of June and everyone in Lisbon comes out to the streets to celebrate. On the way up to the capital's castle, you'll find f