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Who will win Biggest Baddest Bucket List Competition?

video In 6 hours the Winner of Biggest Baddest Bucket Lis t will be announced. This is an amazing competition launched by My Destination . Not only the winner gets to choose where to go (making the bucket list truly personal) but also gets to tick everything off at once during an incredible 6-month round world journey. There are 10 finalists . I invite you to watch the videos they made. I am showing just two of the selected videos. One was made by a Portuguese and the other by a Brazilian girl and it's about the city of Lisbon. Barbara Oliveira is a Brazilian girl that lives in Lisbon. Here's her entry to the Biggest Baddast Bucket List . She made a great video . And this is João Cajuda's entry . He's a Portuguese actor and studied at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. His video is about India and it's pretty good. Shekhar Kapur great director of Elizabeth movie  has tweeted this video and praised it. He says he filmed with a Canon 7D!

60 minutes sports - Garrett McNamara and the big wave!

Garrett McNamara, the legendary surfer who holds the world record for the tallest wave ever surfed, describes what it's like to ride such a huge wall of water. He takes  Anderson Cooper into the waters off Portugal  where he rode that 78-foot wave -- and may have recently caught one even larger -- to experience the power and the danger in waves many believe are the biggest on the planet.

The Short Story Prada contest! Give it a try!

With the aim to discover promising writers, PRADA has called a Contest aimed at the accomplishment of short stories of a minimum of 10 (ten) pages and a maximum of 20 (twenty) pages on A4 sized sheets, each page to contain approximately 400 words, written in Bodoni –DTC dim. 11 style (hereinafter the “Short Story” or “Short Stories”), focusing on the inquire of the reality and its perception, especially: Views of the world. Images, marks, ideas (hereinafter the “Contest”). The Short Story may be proposed in any language chosen by the Contender without any restriction.

Portuguese music to celebrate the arrival of the month of May!

Emmy Curl was born in 1990 in the northeast of Portugal. This girl grew up with a lot of interests in arts like music, painting, play, and photography. She began to produce by herself all her songs in her father's studio when she was only fifteen. To celebrate the first day of May I picked her version of Maio Maduro Maio. This song it's a cover. She made a great cover in my opinion. The author of this song is the great Zeca Afonso. It belongs to the Cantigas Do Maio which is the fifth album by this Portuguese protest singer. This is, maybe, his best album. Some of his most famous songs are in it, one of them becoming a revolutionary anthem - it's Grândola Vila Morena, the song picked to be the code used by the Armed Forces Movement to start what would become the Carnation Revolution. Zeca was an influential folk and political musician and he used his music and poetry as a tool of resistance against Oliveira Salazar's dictatorial regime. He was persecuted by the Fasc