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June is Pride Month!

12ª Marcha do Orgulho Gay, Lisboa Video June is Pride Month. June it's almost over but I think it's important to think about what this Proclamation means. This blog celebrates love, acceptance, tolerance, pride, and diversity. All year.

Celebrate Summer with Licor Beirão Giveaway

Summer is my favorite time of the year. As I live by the sea it’s a great time to enjoy the beach every minute I can. My readers may remember Licor Beirão. I wrote a post about this traditional Portuguese liquor some weeks ago. Licor Beirão enjoyed my post and sent me some merchandise to distribute to my blog readers. It’s time to accessorize for the Summer that officially starts today and these are the gifts Licor Beirão is offering 10 of my lucky readers: - A fabric case for your laptop as I know you will be going outside to enjoy the sun! - Cute tattoos (4 different ones) to show with your summer light clothes! - Magnetic bookmarkers because reading in a garden or on the beach is a must with this weather! - A diary where you can draw or write down stories about your summer days… - And 6 very cute small bottles of Licor Beirão, 6 of my readers will have a chance to taste this traditional Portuguese drink. All winners will also be sent an informative sheet on Licor Beirão with a fe

Wood texture Iphone 6 Cases from Zazzle are eco-friendly and sustainable!

pattern with cute cats and birds carved® maple iPhone 6 bumper case  by  cuteoverload View more  Wood iPhone 6 Bumpers  at Zazzle Hello! People like to cover technology in wood. Most of us are too young to remember old radios and the first televisions and their wooden boxes. My parent's oldest TV had no wood on the outside but the box imitated wood. My grandmother's old radio was covered in beautiful wood. One thing I am certain of is that we still like gadgets covered in wood. That's a classic. One chic way to protect your iPhone is to get a cover made of wood. It’s pretty and irresistible. It’s an organic material, it’s a really awesome choice. But not all the wood cases on the market are sustainable and we care for the planet, don’t we? It’s not a pretty thought thinking we’re chopping trees just to get iPhones nicely covered! That’s why I found these Zazzle creators' idea a good one – they are offering iPhone cases that imitate wood. There are several s