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Top 100 creative shops: I am in!

Just found a Top 100 Creative Shops and joined.  People can vote for my shop there. Promotion!

Christmas Cards from Zazzle you can buy online

Modern Blessed Mary Kids Christmas Celebration Invitation Receiving Christmas Cards in my childhood was as good as getting presents. I loved to display it on a table. My mother probably told her friends and family that I enjoyed it very much. So I got cards from her friends as they always sent an extra card for me. Later I learned how to write and soon I was also sending cards. In my teenage years, an early celebration of Christmas started with an early visit to local shops to buy a small pile of cards at the beginning of the month of December. As a result of it I have a huge collection of cards and still love to receive them, send them and create it. At it's possible to upload our designs and sell them. Last year I sold my first Zazzle Christmas Postcard. It was a great feeling! Today I create Christmas cards and spent a lot of time enjoying other Zazzle creators' work too. It's hard to pick just one, they are all great, I know. But I am sure that most peop

Calendar 2011 CD Box : a Christmas gift for you!

Have you got a calendar for the next year? Let me give you one! Easy to do and almost free. Keep it to yourself or give it to a friend. It presents 12 cute characters that will please kids. In 2011 avoid secondhand smoke exposure everyday! It is harmful to you and your kids health! Here's how to do it! 1º Go to my SCRIBD page to download the 7 pages PDF file. 2º Print the file in your office printer using a good size A4 paper. 3º Cut it with X acto knife and ruler using the printed guides. 4º Use a CD jewel box as a stand-flip. 5º Keep all the sheets inside the CD box. 6º Avoid secondhand smoke exposure all year!