How to protect yourself and your loved ones from secondhand smoke?

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The answer is simple: just avoid exposure whenever possible. The only way to fully protect yourself and your family from the dangers of secondhand smoke is through 100% smoke-free environments. Separating smokers from nonsmokers, cleaning the air, and ventilating buildings cannot completely eliminate secondhand smoke exposure.

Here are a couple of rules to protect yourself and your loved ones:
- make your home and vehicles smoke-free;
- do not allow family, friends, or visitors to smoke inside your house or car;
- ask people not to smoke around you and your children;
- make sure that your children’s daycare center or school is smoke-free;
- choose restaurants and other businesses that are smoke-free;
- Share your knowledge on secondhand smoke;
If you smoke, ok, you have the right to do it. But keep in mind that it may endanger other person health. Try to think of it when you are smoking. What if you live with a smoker who is not interested in quitting? Always ask the smoker to go outside the house to smoke. This will reduce secondhand smoking exposure. Smoke-free home rules also help smokers to quit and reduce the risk of adolescents becoming smokers.

Celebrate World No Tobacco Day, May 31