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Garrett McNamara says Nazaré is like no other place in the world...

Video You gotta love Garrett McNamara! Just read what he wrote about Nazaré beach: “There is nowhere in the world even remotely like it for enjoying the power and size of waves so close,” Garrett said. “It is mesmerizing to sit on the cliff and watch the waves and there is nowhere like it. But all I feel is that we will be able to share this place with a few more people.” Read more at The Daily Beast.

Lovely Necklace Collection you can buy online

Russian Folk Art Floral Necklace  by  funride View other Russian Necklaces at Hello, again my friends, Zazzlers and occasional visitors! I was here thinking to myself what gift would I like to get from Zazzle store for Valentine's Day and after giving it some thought my choice would be a necklace, what else? It's a pretty and feminine gift that we can keep close to our hearts. These necklaces arrive in a special black felt bag that is perfect for gifting. I picked a lot of pendants that make a good gift for Valentine's Day as you will see in this post. I am particularly fond of Vintage images and paintings from painters like Klimt or Klee. I also like the kaleidoscope designs or mandalas, I think they work so well in necklaces. Flowers and the color red are also timeless and ideal for the theme of love and passion! I picked lots of different types of necklaces from Zazzle talented artists. Some are really pretty. Usually, I don't get gifts o