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Portuguese floating house is quite a dream

Floating is a modern and beautifully designed boat house. (Click to watch the video) "A romantic gateway for two or a mobile house in the middle of a lake for the entire family or a group of friends. Whether you choose to use the floating home as a base camp for numerous outdoor activities such as sailing, paddling, water skiing, or fishing, or simply to relax, you’re guaranteed a great living experience." GoFriday The company's name is GoFriday. "Friday brings together a wide range of design, engineering, certification, and marketing competencies focused on creating technologically advanced nautical and water related leisure devices and equipment." This is all happening 50km away from where I live, in the city of Coimbra. Friday is a spin-off of the University of Coimbra, launched by a team with over 30 years of experience in research and development in the fields of Structural, Electrical, Hydraulic, Marine, Coastal, and Mechanical Engine