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The Magi Kings Day - or Epiphany - is here!

Queen Cake or Bolo Rainha Not all Catholics venerate the Magi Kings Melchior, Gaspar, and Baltazar Day .  Kings Day is celebrated on 6 January, today is the day! ( Los Reyes Magos traditionally bring gifts for Spanish children on the night on January 5, not Santa Claus or Baby Jesus.)The tradition dates back to the 8th century. Today is the day we remove the Christmas decorations in our houses and on the streets Christmas lights and music are turned off. The Christmas trees are dismantled as well. ( I have a small one up all year!)  It's a working day and pupils are already attending school but at dinner or at night people will gather to eat a slice of King cake and drink some Port wine. Ok, it's an excellent excuse to gather again around the table and eat some more! In some regions, groups of grownups and children go door to door to sing typical carols called Janeiras (January songs). The Janeiras are popular Christmas-themed songs or Christian traditions. Back in the old da