What Finland must know about Portugal

As some of my blog visitors might know my country, Portugal, is going through pretty rough times. This year's street protests were the biggest ever to take place. 400,000 people took to the streets and many strikes occur just before the downfall of Sócrates's socialist government. Then the IMF arrived in Portugal to negotiate the terms of the rescue, the bailout. The "troika" are the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB), and European Commission (EC). Negotiations took place about the conditions that Portugal has to obey in order to receive financial aid. If you think that things are going to get better for Portuguese people you are not aware of what this bailout means. The IMF help depends on accepting austerity measures that will deepen the crisis further. I believe that living standards will fall and unemployment will get higher. So most of us are not happy about IMF presence, but Portugal had no choice because at one point banks withdrew together from funding the State. I think the Government's poor public service to the country, the banking together with several international factors led to this unbearable situation. But banks are immune to the crisis. Working people will now pay for the mistakes of the rich. Now, this video was made as a response to the party The True Finns, a Finland political party that was against aid to indebted governments such as ours. Finland last year helped bail out Greece and Ireland. But the new Portuguese request had no favor from the True Finns party who has vowed to veto any request to increase Finland's contribution to European bailout funds...The video shows some of our achievements in history and modern times society. Unfortunately, it isn't 100% accurate. But it's fun to watch and I'm sure you'll get surprised about this nation called Portugal.


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