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Portuguese Christmas sweet recipe

Mexidos do Natal or Formigos Recipe Ingredients Sugar - 1 tea cup, shallow Honey - 2.5 dl 1 cinnamon stick Lemon peel Port Wine - 1/2 glass wine Butter - 1 tablespoon Water - 1.5 lt 1 pinch salt Pine nuts - 50 g Walnuts - 50 g Raisins - 50 g Bread - 250 g Optional: cinnamon powder for decoration Preparation First comes blending the bread you kept for a few days and it must be crumbled by hand. Then you put cinnamon, lemon peel, butter, salt, sugar, and honey in boiling water. Allow to boil for a few minutes (15 minutes) and then put the walnuts, pine nuts, and raisins in. Finally pour the Port wine. Let it boil for three minutes and is ready. (If it looks too liquid you can let it boil a little longer) Don't forget to stir constantly. Place on a plate and serve sprinkled with a little cinnamon powder. Eat cold. You can leave the cinnamon powder out because the flavor is already in the mix! A friend of mine from Porto was talking about this sweet on Facebook and many were cur

A little tour in Lisbon 2/2

Hello again! Welcome to round number two! Are you ready for what's next? First of all, I want you to meet my new canine friend. His name is Pan. Pan is my friend's dog. Isn't Pan adorable? He's all eyes and tiny nose for my friend, he goes like - Where are you? Where are you going? What are you doing? But when he discovered that I liked him he had no problems asking for petting every minute he could! In the second photo, he's ready to show me his belly once again! Come on, come on, I want more! Too cute! Oops! It looks like I missed these photos in my first post. It was taken over Saturday's dinner. After a very nice roasted chicken with fries and pinked wine, we indulged ourselves in some more Birthday cake!!! Calories alert!! Calories alert! The next morning the sky was cloudy but the sun was showing. We visited a Christmas market in Alvalade and then we found this Cabine de Leitura at Praça de Londres - check Cabine de Leitura Fac

A little tour in Lisbon 1/2

Two weekends ago I went to Lisbon. It's just 200km from my home but it has been a while since my last visit to the capital. I was invited by an old college friend to spend the weekend. It was her birthday also! I had a wonderful time. After a visit to a great exhibition at Museu Fundação Gulbenkian - have a look at the exhibition's blog here - on Friday afternoon I had great fun at the dinner party with her friends. And I also met her beautiful dog, a very energetic Yorkshire terrier! This happened on Friday. I took a bus to Lisbon and was surprised to discover that we have the internet on board, free. It's a three-hour journey, by the way. On Saturday the weather wasn't good. The streets of Lisbon were waiting so we took our umbrellas and tried to make the best of it! We visited some beautiful places and lots of stores. Many of the stores we visited are located on Rua da Escola Politécnica which is known for designer stores and cool brands. I want to menti