Learn Portuguese language online with Duolingo

Do you want to learn some Portuguese language? Duolingo offers Brazilian Portuguese language and it seems to be one of the best free tools for practicing a new language. I read on this TechCrunch article that it only takes a Duolingo user 34 hours to learn the equivalent of a first college semester’s worth of Spanish. And more:

"Being self-motivated enough to learn a language by yourself is obviously hard and it’s no surprise that many participants dropped out or only studied for two hours over the course of the study. A student in a college class, by contrast, may not learn as effectively as the Duolingo users who made it through the program, but chances are most students will make it through the semester with more than 2 hours of instruction and without dropping out. Still, almost 94% of the participants in the study said they would continue to use the product after the end of the eight weeks. Duolingo is clearly doing something right. Overall, von Ahn tells us, Duolingo now has over 1 million active users and 100,000 daily users."

How does it work? It works by asking you to participate in translating the Web. Users vote on the best translation submitted by other users, and eventually, the translated Web pages can be published so that more speakers of other languages can read them. I would like to refresh my French and Spanish. This site might be just what I need. I think I may take a look into it in a few months, not now. What do you think about Duolingo?