A visit to Algarve caves in Portugal

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It's winter in Portugal and usually, I don't feel that good. Winter weather in Portugal remains mild (average temperature 11 degrees centigrade), from November to March. We might get some snow in the north and at Serra da Estrela in the center. But we can have glorious sunny days during Winter too. Nevertheless, I miss summer days all the time! Just look at the video I picked for you. It's impossible not to dream about summer. The video shows the most beautiful cliffs, caves and beaches shot from a traditional Portuguese boat with capt Fernando Cabrita. It's a visit to Algarve's famous arches, the Cathedral, the Church, the unbelievable Temple, and many huge private beaches that can only be reached by water.

I do live by the sea in the center, it's colder than Algarve, and sometimes I get an entire week of unstoppable rain. High winds that blow from the Atlantic are not that pleasant, sometimes when there's snow at Serra da Estrela, these winds are very cold. Most people don't have central heating. We use air conditioning, electric devices, or fireplaces. Last night I could hear the waves crashing in the distance, even though the house is 25 minutes from the beach. The winds bring that sound around. I like that but when I hear it I miss summer. If you're in Algarve, in the south, you will have a milder winter. The minimum temperature in January is about 15 degrees centigrade. Take a look at that Summer in Algarve video. Isn't that a dream? There are two places where I would like to live: Oporto or Algarve. The Algarve area is a popular winter retreat for those from colder countries. I usually go there in September on vacation, once I went in August and it was too crowdy. If you want to visit Portugal, the best time would be during spring and autumn, when days are sunny and warm and tourist areas are relatively quiet. Enjoy the video!

IPMA - If you want to check on the weather in Portugal

this is the best site. It has an English version.


  1. Hey Belinha - it sounds much nicer weather than in the UK! I think I'd rather be in Portugal than Plymouth right now - snow on the way, which means all traffic coming to a standstill. We're not good with snow here in the UK!


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