The Independente - A luxury hostel in Lisbon

Just read about this special hostel called The Independente at The Guardian. It's in Lisbon, our capital. It has a different concept in hospitality. You can check photos of The Independente here. And there's a blog here. The Guardian asked Kash Bhattacharya, who is currently backpacking around Europe and blogging, to find some really nice luxury hostels in Europe and, surprise, surprise, this one made the list!

"90 beds spread across 11 dorms with its impressive floor-to-ceiling heights as well as the abundant size that all rooms boast offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a private lounge within every room where they can relax and share stories and experiences with fellow travelers in unique and inviting comfort. Four very special suites, with private balconies which overlook the Tagus River, where guests can enjoy their breakfast free of charge, compliment the accommodation options offered and will surely embellish your stay with us in one of the world’s oldest cities."