Using titles, descriptions and tags on Zazzle to sell more

Dear Zazzler friends! 

How are you? Lots of sales going your way? I wish so! Christmas is coming and usually, the Season is our best chance to get plenty of sales!! Our sales on Zazzle are made in two places, inside Zazzle's marketplace and outside. Just imagine you have the best product available, the perfect product for your customer. Still, it will not sell if your customer can't find it. Each seller needs also to work to get a good conversion rate, there is, a ratio of visitors to a site who end up buying. One important aspect of it is keyword optimization - we have to determine what keywords are relevant to our business. Obvious suggestions include the names of our products, the store categories of products we sell and the brand names we pic to our store.

How we use titles, descriptions, and tags on Zazzle will affect our sales. It's worth thinking about it. There is a limit of 500 characters for all our tags combined on one product. Zazzle only considers the tags that are chosen - pick just 10 - as Power Tags for site search. The other ones, however, are relevant for external search engines.

In simple words, here's how it works. In the marketplace: it's a huge marketplace, there's the good, the bad, and the ugly in it. Ok, you have a pretty nice mug with Santa. The problem is there are lots and lots of mugs with Santa in the Zazzle marketplace! A customer arrives at Zazzle marketplace and sometimes it might not be that easy to find your mug. Outside the marketplace: your store must be Google, Yahoo, and Bing's sweetheart! These search engines will send your customers. When customers perform a search on it by specific keywords maybe your Santa mug will show up on the searches. The secret that is no secret in SEO - is search engine optimization. This is something you should care about if you want a customer to find your Santa Mug. SEO is the continuous process of trying to rank first on search engines for a set of keywords relating to the subject of your website. There is plenty of information on the internet about it.

Some articles you may want to read about SEO:

Keeping it simple, how to use titles, descriptions, and tags on your Zazzle store?


Mainly you have to be savvy with keywords. Just keep in mind that keywords are words that people use to search for things in search engines. How to use keywords well?
Take some time and brainstorm Keywords and Phrases, ask yourself: What is it? What type of product? To what person, adult, kid, an animal is it for? What colors does it show?

What technique did I use: vector or traditional illustration? Photography?

 Is it a product to display on the house? Is it something to wear? It's a seasonal product or not?
Take time to use Google’s Keyword Tool to generate a list of the most popular related search words and phrases Read about it here.
Here's another keyword tool (not free)
Use accurate and relevant terms, not stuff multiple words into a single tag without sense
Don't spam, there is, don't use words that have nothing to do with your product
search for synonyms of the product
Enter variations of words such as singular and plural versions
Avoid keyword stuffing! 

Repeating the same words or phrases so often that it sounds unnatural, for example, We sell custom cigar humidors. Our custom cigar humidors are handmade. If you’re thinking of buying a custom cigar humidor, please contact our custom cigar humidor specialists at


Some products are easier to define than others. Take an abstract painting image or a tabby cat with a hat on. But no matter what is your product there are only three ways to define it so your customers can find it. You must give your product a good title, and a good description, and provide accurate tags.

TITLE - use keywords that people use to search for your product. Use keywords that describe your product. Use keywords that make sense.

DESCRIPTION - search engines need full descriptions of your products. Google looks for unique content. When you produce exclusive content Google qualifies your page as valuable and this will make it rank higher. The higher it ranks the more traffic it gets. Well-written content makes your visitors pay attention to what you are selling. It's the way to get conversion rates. So make your product descriptions Google valuable. Example. How would you describe this magnet I created for Christmas?

1. Polar bear round Christmas magnet. Or...

2. Christmas Polar bear with glasses, hat, and muffler magnet in red and green stripes.

TAGS - using good tags will help you be found in the Zazzle marketplace and outside. There are two kinds of tags: single words and phrases. For example: if I want a polar bear I'll search for a polar bear. But if I want a polar bear with a hat this tag must be in your product if you want it to be found by me.


I have plenty of difficulty with English as it's not my mother language. But doing good copy isn't just about having great vocabulary and grammar rules. It's to know who are your customers, what are their interests, and how they think and talk. You must write in a way that they understand.