Vinho Verde is a unique Portuguese product and you should try it!

Vinho Verde is a unique product. Portugal is the one place to find it. This great wine has a blending of aromas that makes it one of the most delicious natural beverages. Some of it can have light bubbles. I love to drink it very fresh on Summer days - 8-10º C is the ideal temperature. It's ideal to go with seafood. Most times I just pick a beer because it's less expensive. Vinho Verde is Medium in alcohol and has great digestive properties due to its freshness. In the market, you can find red and white wines. The reds are full-bodied wines with an intense color and a rosy or light red foam. The whites usually present a lemony or straw color. Verde is the Portuguese word for green. But Vinho Verde hasn't relation with the color. Verde also means not ripe. But that does not mean that this wine is made from unripened grapes. The main characteristic is that Vinho Verde should be drunk while it's still young. It will not get better as time goes by.

The Demarcated Region of Vinho Verde is located in the northwest of Portugal in an area traditionally known as Entre-Douro-e-Minho. Its limits are the Minho River in the North (border with Galicia), the mountainous areas in the East and South, forming the natural border between the Atlantic Entre-Douro-e-Minho and the Mediterranean inland regions, and the Atlantic Ocean as its western limit.

This is one of my favorites, I took a photo of the bottle to show you: Vinho Verde Muralhas de Monção. If you click on this link you can read all about it and see the local typical landscape.

If you want to select a drink for a Summer daylight meal, this white wine is a great option. We're not yet in Summertime but today we had good weather. I did not have an Easter traditional meal, I had fish instead.