Great advertising mix:ex- football player, Licor Beirão and politics!

From top to bottom: one of the new advertising posters, the censured poster, and the most famous one.

Over a century ago this Licor Beirão sweet beverage was already being produced in Lousã (Coimbra's District). It's made from several different plants from Lousã's mountain and aromatic seeds imported from Turkey, India, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. The story is that a Port Wine salesman passing by fell in love with the local pharmacist's daughter and they got married. The pharmacist was selling natural liquors and this maybe was kind of usual in the XIX century because my grandfather also runs a pharmacy and he also knew how to produce liquors. A new law then makes it forbidden to attribute medicinal properties to alcoholic drinks. The Port Wine traveler took at his charge the production of liquors. The name Licor Beirão comes from the region where a congress took place in 1929. Beirão is a native of Beira’s province. The liquor was then baptized to honor the region, the natives, and the meeting that took place at Castelo Branco. José Carranca Redondo, an individual from Lousã, bought the factory and the secret and started to produce Licor Beirão with his wife with endless success. Understanding the importance of advertising he was one of the first to use outdoors. Some were not well accepted as that one considered indecent because they showed a like Rockwell illustration pin-up of barely dressed and provocative sayings. He also runs an advertising company and even taught other companies the art of advertising. He died in 2005 but his family still keeps the business running.

In the past month of March, a press conference was held on the future of Sporting Club of Portugal Football team leadership. The ex-footballer Paulo Futre came out with a series of unusual ideas. Paulo Futre was once a gifted footballer. But his ideas can only be described as a source of the best recent national joke. He turned into an instant success due to Youtube, blogs, and social networks videos diffusion. He made the entire country laugh. As a result, Futre was hired to be the face of the new advertising campaign for Licor Beirão. This was one of the best advertising moves I’ve seen. The slogans are solutions to the Portuguese undergoing crisis. All advertising concept is anchored on the pre-wave electoral campaign we are living in. They adopted the press conference phrases that made Futre famous. Futre is thus the kind of candidate who tries to sell their ideas to overcome the crisis and win elections. Posters are well produced. Yellow has always been the color associated with Futre as he once used to drive a yellow Porsche. On Facebook, there is a competition going on and the prize is a yellow Porsche. You just have to Like Licor Beirão’s Page and contribute to "The best Futre's idea to overcome the crisis. "


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