Portugal has the sixth most beautiful café in the world: Café Majestic!

Portugal has got the Sixth most beautiful café in the world. It's Café Majestic! This is what UCITYGUDES - The ultimate travel guides - wrote about it: "It's in the country's second city (Oporto) that we find the most stunning of all cafés in the nation and one of the most attractive in the world. From its façade to its interior, Café Majestic remains a beautiful setting for cultural events, making it more than just a tourist attraction. It continues to live up to its name with a wonderful Belle Epoque atmosphere in its main room and attractive winter garden which have guaranteed it a spot in every café-themed coffee table book." Here's the list.

1 - Café New York, Budapest

2 - Café Florian, Veneza

3 - Café Central, Viena

4 - Café Imperial, Praga

5 - Café de la Paix, Paris

6 - Café Majestic, Porto

7 - Café Confeitaria Colombo, Rio de Janeiro

8 - Caffé Gambrinus, Nápoles

9 - Café Tortoni, Buenos Aires

10 - Caffé Greco, Roma


  1. I'm sorry McDonalds spoiled the whole thing...

    1. So am I... but you mean McDonalds spoiled O Café Imperial,
      I suppose?


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