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This is a very short post. I usually do not check my Feed so I was so surprised, today when I did. I found that lots of people subscribed to A Portuguese Love already! It made me really happy. As you might have noticed I do not get a lot of comments so I don’t know if people are enjoying the blog or not. 

This is mostly a promotional blog for my little business at Zazzle but I am trying, very hard, not to be a bore. I really want this blog to have good content, to be useful, or funny at times, and to please my readers. ( I accept suggestions!) As you might also imagine it’s very hard for me to write in English. As I wrote in many places I learned it in high school and I am so very grateful to my English teacher- I had the opportunity to tell her this, years later, and she was pleased. John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Elizabeth Taylor, Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, and many others helped me too! The English language opened many little worlds for me. But I suck at it. 

I am continuously searching for mistakes in my posts…and I find them! LOL! As I am very proficient in the use of Portuguese I always feel like a poor English user. But these numbers are quite an incentive to keep posting. And to keep learning better English. Thank you all!


  1. Hi Belinha - Be assured you are never boring - and neither is your work! mg


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