JAPAN Earthquake Relief Fund: wanna help? Buy a T-shirt!

It's unbelievable that within one month I have designed two t-shirts to help countries that have suffered earthquakes, one for New Zealand and now again for Japan. New Zealand´s t-shirt idea was not mine. I had just begun to make contact with a person from this country and when I visited his Zazzle Store I saw he had created T-shirts to raise funds. So I decided to offer him a drawing he could use, I thought it made more sense than creating a product for this purpose in my shop. Now I begin to think that I should have created a line of products entitled Causes. The initiative for Japan's T-shirt came from Zazzle. The Zazzle team created a T-shirt and suggested the Zazzle community donate drawings. So check the Japan Relief Store and look for Community Donated drawings. Many Zazzlers are donating drawings.

I am very sad about what happened to both countries. I did not expect to see images of destruction similar to the ones of 2004 again in my lifetime. I spent a reasonable amount of time on Youtube on 11th March watching Japan's misfortune. Finally, I gave up because seeing the degree of devastation is unbearable. On the other way is now admirable to watch the calm and restraint the population deals with adversity. Today I just read that danger of a nuclear explosion in central Fukushima is still real. I hope this does not materialize because Japanese people have had enough suffering already. Visit the Zazzle Store where you can find many T-shirts. Acquire one if you can. Zazzle offers $ 10 to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund for everyone that's purchased. And this is my design: