Japan: my Facebook profile with PicBadge

I have created a PicBadge for Facebook Profile. Let's turn Facebook red and white for Japan. Go to PicBadge and adopt my badge, pick another one or create a new one. If you like my badge, you can use the widget on your right to get one. My badge has the word HOPE written in several languages, the date of the disaster and an origami swallow. I picked a swallow because it's a bird that announces Spring. Japan will be reborn and from misfortune will come a new Spring. That our thoughts be with Japanese in this grim hour of their History.


  1. You are so extrovert and sensitive blogger that I feel obliged to reveal my ex-profile, amiga vieja.

    Miguel Melidonis = Ergotelina 2006

    I was just a feminist boy running on the net

    here is your old post-link, there lies the current one.

    Boa noite

  2. Ergotelina!!!!!
    I remember you well!
    I'm glad that you're still blogging!
    Sex is just a detail!

  3. Glad to see you remember me.

    I also made a video, the
    Japanese Smile, you know, these people smile
    under difficulties...
    it' s their philosophical oriental lifestyle :)


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