A collection of great Easter Greetings Postcards

Hello my friends!

Easter is still an important Christian festival for Portuguese people. In the north is taken very seriously. Nocturnal, silent, candle processions are held in specific religious towns like Braga. Braga has been a diocese since the 3rd century and religion continues to play a dominant role in the community. The procession that features the Farricocos - barefooted men dressed in purple tunics tightened at the waist, hooded and carrying torches,- is quite impressive.

Good Friday is a bank holiday and people do not eat meat. When I was a child this is what I remember: the houses would get spring cleaned for Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday, after lunch,- roast goat/lamb is the traditional dish - the local priest would visit my parent’s house with the cross for us to kiss. The priest's helper would carry a bell and I remember hearing it on the streets. Streets were decorated with a high cross draped on a purple cloth. Some houses had clothes hanging from the balconies. My mother would set out a table with cakes, sugared white and pink almonds, and a bottle of Port wine to offer the visitors. The traditional Easter cake is called a "folar" which is a yeasty mix with whole-boiled eggs, including the shell, in the middle. My godmother in baptism gave me gifts and sent me a postcard with rabbits. I still keep it!

In this post, I gathered a few great Zazzle Easter Greeting Cards. Hope you enjoy my selection!
Happy Easter card
Happy Easter by AV_Designs
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Rabbit Easter Card card

Easter Time Card card
Easter Time Card by elenaind
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girl bunny with basket card
girl bunny with basket by petitpaintpaintdraw
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Easter eggs card
Easter eggs by myhome71
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Easter Tulips card
Easter Tulips by Spice
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The truth about the Easter Bunny card

Chocolate and Bunnies card


  1. Wonderful collection!! Thanks so much for including my little bunny Easter card.
    ~Melody Lea Lamb (mlamb46)

  2. MANY THANKS for the feature =^._.^=

  3. Thank you Melody and Lucia!I'm glad you liked it!Happy Easter!

  4. Such a lovely collection of Easter Cards, and you blog looks so nice :)

  5. Thank for posting one of my cards,
    Cheers :) CaARTStudio

  6. I love all the Easter cards! Great time to find two of my favorite things, bunnies and chicks. Thank you so very much for including two of mine :)
    Also very interesting blog - Easter was always celebrated in a very serious fashion in my home, starting with Lent, then Good Friday, (most schools are still closed on this day) and then Easter. Fortunately for me the Easter bunny did come to call, and still does :))))

  7. A lovely collection! Thanks so much for adding my"Taking Stock for Easter" card!*hug*

  8. Thanks for promoting my easter card. Awesome post!

  9. This looks so beautiful! And thank you for featuring my Joyeuses Pâques card! (I am bragova/masterpiecesofart/vintagetreasurechest/easterfun etc.)

  10. Thank you so much for featuring my card :) Great Easter collection!

  11. Hi Belinha,

    It's so nice of you sharing these beautiful Easter postcards! I love each of them. Such cute and pretty easter greetings. Thanks!



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