Should my nephew be an illustrator when he grows up?

When my nephew comes to stay with me he keeps asking for drawings to fill with color. Gormitis, he asks. This time I said yes, but with a special request: he should create an original Gormiti. And he did! Gabriel is 8 years old and I don't have a clue what he wants to be when he grows up. I think it's too soon to guess and too soon to ask...! In the meantime, Gormitis rule, yeah!


  1. He is creative and loves to do things with his hands...he dislikes dull repeating tasks...challenges are wellcome and staying ath the aunty's is a passport to another world where painting and colors are mixed with the mind in a Portuguese Love very much important to him!
    That's what i think!
    And i think i know him a bit!... :)


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