Joaquim's birthday - The party of the year in Figueira da Foz

It seems I missed the party of the year. This guy is Joaquim, he's Portuguese, yes, in fact, he lives in my street when he's around. I've seen him plenty of times jogging in the neighborhood. He works international level ( Porto, Portugal, Milan, Italy, Bananas Mambo, Paris, France, and Blu Models Los Angels, US ) and has quite a reputation as a top model. Lately, he's acting DJ also at very celebrated parties. A few months ago I read an interesting interview he gave the local newspaper. He seemed quite an intelligent man -yeah, yeah, you know, I always seem to forget that models have a brain on top of those bodies - and I was pleasantly impressed with his opinions on local development, fashion, and culture. Well, it seems he just turned 34 and made a big birthday party at the local Casino. Music and fashion and lots of celebrities there, I'm sure. Not entirely my cup of tea. But it might have been fun! Happy Birthday, neighbor!