Christmas fever is on

Today I went to the local mall and Christmas is already showing the worst of it. Lots of people around stuff, piles of stuff to sell. At Christmas, the supermarket makes piles of stuff. Everything is red or golden and looks as if we touch it might fall. Most people do not realize that they spend hard-earned money just to give a present that sometimes the other person does not want or really need. I had to stay in line to pay for a single pack of chestnuts. Christmas means queues. Outside more queues to wrap the presents…uff! I get tired only from watching! 

One thing that really upsets me at Christmas is co-workers and colleagues' random gift exchanges. Everyone brings a silly and symbolic gift to the pile… and then one-by-one everyone gets an absurd present. One benefit of going freelancing is not having to worry about buying these gifts or rehearse for the smile you have to show after getting your surprise gift. I like buying a present for the kids. Many times I like it because I buy them things I find really cool…for me! I like the aftermath of opening the presents when there are kids around. Adults should exchange presents all other 364 days of the year and live Christmas for kids. Unfortunately, adults are always too busy working so they can have money to spend at Christmas and do not exchange gifts throughout the year. It all becomes so commercial that I get sick of Christmas in November! 

Then there is food. At Christmas people get obsessed with food! And after it…with diets! Of course, it’s understandable. Santa looks like a character that really appreciates good food, plenty of food. Well, that’s a bad example Santa. You should be slimmer. After all, there’s a lot of concern about children going obese these days. Still, Christmas is a time that people can always opt for doing some worthy of kids, for example, giving to local charities or worldwide organizations or someone they know that’s facing difficulties. Maybe Christmas is all that they are waiting for.


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