CONFIANÇA'S Portuguese bar soaps giveaway

People are getting online quite often to find products for the lowest price or even for free. I do not know if it’s kind of a trend or a reflex of how the economy is. Or if it’s just an online hobby for those who spent lots of hours in front of a computer. But this seems to please everybody. People get free stuff and companies get good publicity. Companies sponsor giveaways because they know that products will reach the hands of consumers through a personalized approach.

Take my example. Why am I hosting Confiança’s bar soaps giveaway? I know the brand, I and my family used these soaps for many years. We know the product. We’ve tried it many times. There’s no better marketing tool. You can trust my opinion. There are lots of reasons to praise this soaps. The production process is carefully accompanied according to quality standards in the cosmetic industry. All ingredients used are natural and 100% vegetable. No animal test is conducted. Final products are evaluated by external certified laboratories. And this to name just a few. They are the most perfect gifts for every occasion. Anyone who appreciates pretty things can't resist Mariposa’s beautiful package...and scent!

How to enter the giveaway?

Just follow the link.

Read previous posts for detailed information on these giveaway products and Confianca's rich history. To access more information visit Confiança's site