CONFIANÇA - A portuguese brand you can trust

From time to time, you will find in this space my impressions of Portuguese brands or products of solid reputation, tradition, or cultural value. I'm starting with a brand that's quite dear to me. As a child, I lived in the north of Portugal and visited Confiança´s soap factory. When in Elementary school we often had study visits, many to factories in the surroundings. I never forgot those very big boilers full of liquid soap! But we also had Confiança’s soaps in our house so it was very interesting to discover how it was made before reaching our hands! I am very pleased that Confiança’s offering three fine soaps to my blog visitors. This week you will learn how to enter the giveaway. They are quality products and full of tradition and carry Portuguese history of success. First, get to know this Portuguese brand a little!

Founded on 12th October of 1844 by Silva Almeida and Santos Pereira, Confiança is a reference for the Portuguese cosmetic industry. Initially specialized on Offenbach soap production quickly became a reference of quality for its products.

The good reputation gained allowed then Confiança to diversify its products surprising the market with the launching of high-quality cosmetic products, made in Portugal, at a time when these sorts of products were mainly imported from France or the UK. Thus, in 1910, the first private labels are launched presenting original designs and formulas.

The market awareness of Confiança’s quality products together with the end of World War I takes Confiança to a new and strong expansion period that translated into the development of new business, technical upgrades of production as well as the conquering of new markets. In 1928 Confiança produced 150 different brands of luxury soaps, rice powder, creams, toothpaste, shaving sticks, colognes, lotions, and essences.

Aware of the market demands since its foundation Confiança starts in the '80s to develop new cosmetics, adjusting formulas and offering a new range of products, especially the new liquid formats of bath gel and shampoo, as an answer to the new lifestyle that was starting to impose.

In April 2007 Confiança gains the ISO 9001:2000 quality certifications becoming the only Portuguese company in its field to obtain production methods and products recognized. 

The production process is carefully accompanied and registered according to quality standards obeying to the best practices used in the cosmetic industry. All ingredients used are natural and 100% vegetable. No animal test is conducted. Quality control is made in all production stages and the final products are evaluated by external certified laboratories.

Text source:Saboaria e Perfurmaria Confiança's catalogue

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