Got my second TBA Award!

I'm just so so happy that another product of mine got a Today’s Best Award! (14th November) It will sound silly but this store that I started with much enthusiasm wouldn't be much without all the words of incentive I’ve received. The hard part of it isn’t creating a store or products. The difficult part of it is to believe in ourselves, and in our work, and not give up our effort. Like all those Zazzler’s words received these TBA’s are nice incentives to keep on creating and adding new products to my gallery. I have lots of ideas. It is real that Zazzle boosts our creativity to new levels. But creating quality products takes time and I am a bit of an impatient girl! When will I receive my third TBA?!! Thank you, Zazzle! It's an illustration of Rudolf, Santa, and the Snowman.

(This product is still available but in other format)