November 30, 2009

Greenpeace Spider man climbed Belém Tower

During the XIX Ibero American Summit Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009, in Lisbon, nine Greenpeace activists climbed on top of Torre de Belém. The annual summit brought together the leaders of 19 Latin-American countries plus Portugal, Spain, and Andorra. For a few moments, we could read OUR CLIMATE, YOUR DECISION in the beautiful monument.Summit in Copenhagen is vitally for the fate of the earth and climate wasn't on Ibero American Lisbon summit agenda.This was a small effort to catch summit leaders attention to this big question.The Copenhagen summit, also known as the Conference of the Parties 15 or COP15, is the fifteenth big meeting organised by the United Nations to discuss a global response to climate change.


  1. I would need more than a helmet to climb that high. Many pillows tied to my entire body, so I would bounce if I fell. :)


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