November 6, 2009


The Portuguese water dog is native to Portugal. Probably now that Obama got one for the family it must be one of the most well known canine races in the world as Bo was seen in most TV's and had his photo in magazines when he was adopted.In Portugal we call it Cão de Água and it means water dog.These dogs worked alonside with fisherman many years ago and they are very good swimmers and divers.That's why the lion trim.This shave on the rear of the dog was the best for a dog that worked on the water.The front was left intact because that's where the dog needs to be more warm.You may not believe it if you are unfamiliar with what dogs are able to do.But before technology took over these dogs were trained to deliver messages from one boat to another or from a boat to shore.As they do in land with houses and property they guarded boats in ports.They helped fisherman to herd and catch fish,they retrieved broken nets and anything that was on the water.Even if a fisherman fell overboard he could relie on the dog for rescue.

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