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Sadhu Posters
Sadhu Posters by crypticfragments
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Kent Seaside in Winter Postcard

Tammy Winand is on Zazzle and she caught my attention because she was traveling to places that I would like to visit very much. Then I discovered she does street, landscape, and architectural travel photography and photojournalism. She's been to India and Nepal with a focus on Himalayan cultures and Tibet in Exile. I found that project of hers quite interesting and sent her a message about the importance of knowing cultural diversity and how that can enrich us all. 

Here's Tammy Winand's artist's statement:
"I create art and photography focused on connections. Connections between the past and the present, between different cultures, between man and nature, even between colors and forms.
I am strongly influenced by the architecture and handicrafts of ancient civilizations, by sacred spaces, the native traditions of unique world cultures, and by the power of nature to reclaim what man has built into the landscape. My goal is to translate my life experience and journey through symbolism which can be interpreted by a broad audience.
Through my work, I hope to inspire others to reach for their dreams and live full rich lives."
And here's some of her photographic work from Cryptic Fragments Zazzle Store. Tammy has more stores online. Please, check her stores, and promote her stores. 


  1. Thank you for sharing my work and my goals. Your kindness and generosity are much appreciated.

    Hopefully my sales will go up!

    Also I want to lwt everyone know I can create custom greeting cards in any language so a great choice with holidays coming


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