Do you feel like shopping today?

I recently joined a Group on Facebook that's called Affiliate Junction. I did it for several reasons: to get help and to help other fellow Zazzlers to achieve more sales. Willingness to cooperate is all that you need if you want to join too! This is very important if we want to succeed in the market. Visibility means you have to reach your audience and get your products out there. This is a demanding task and joining efforts on promotion seemed to me like a very good idea.

Many times I have written about the loneliness of the creative process. Time and detachment are needed but sometimes I feel like I'm in my own cocoon!! So I also joined this and other Facebook groups so I have some company around.

This is my first contribution. Take a look at some of the work created by Affiliate Junction Group! Do you feel like shopping today? If you're looking for a gift, this might be it! Christmas is coming, it's time to start looking! We have beautiful calendars about beautiful digitally remastered photography of classic Woody Cars, kaleidoscopes color, and yummy chocolate! We have pillows inspired by romantic Paris, roses, and warm colors! We have iPhone5 Cases with flowers, damask, electronic memories, and animals! And more! Enjoy!


  1. Hats off to your efforts! Love what you're doing, and thanks for including me in the promotion. -- Dee

  2. Lovely choices!! Thank you for including me!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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