I survived Sandy Storm of the century tshirts

Few things in nature can compare to the destructive force of a hurricane. The term hurricane is derived from Huracan, a god of evil recognized by the Tainos, an ancient aboriginal tribe from Central America. In other parts of the world, hurricanes are known by different names. In the western Pacific and China Sea area, hurricanes are known as typhoons, from the Cantonese tai-fung, meaning great wind. In Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Australia, they are known as cyclones, and finally, in the Philippines, they are known as baguios.Click on the above link to understand how a hurricane is formed.

Source: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/Hurricanes/

Last week I read about a hurricane called Sandy on the internet. It was moving from the Bahamas into the Atlantic Ocean. Americans were calling it Frankenstorm because of its arrival on the eve of Hallowe’en.I remembered Katrina and what it did to New Orleans, a city I always wanted to visit. I learned the storm could move toward major U.S. cities. If that happened Hurricane Sandy could be one of the most destructive hurricanes to strike the U.S. East Coast in many years. The storm was expected to make landfall as a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale, which ranks storms from one to five based on maximum wind speeds and destructive potential.

Hurricane Sandy has caused significant damage in New York City and along the Mid-Atlantic coast. Flooding has been reported and lots of snow falling too. Nearly eight million people were without power this morning up and down the East coast. Today I watched several videos and photos showing a great deal of destruction in New York City. It's just too sad to lose what we have, our belongings, our house, a pet. Or, worse, a friend, or family. There are at least 100 persons dead. I also watched photos of destruction in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. Hurricane Sandy’s toll in the Caribbean amounts to at least 69 dead, thousands homeless, and few funds available to rebuild. Yet, the Caribbean picture does not have the media spotlight as the USA does. In Portugal, we don´t have to deal with this unfortunate experience but some meteorologists say that the future can be different. As you know we have a long coastline. I really wish that all my American Zazzle friends are ok.

Meanwhile, I found lots of tee shirts about Frankenstorm ready to shop online.I might consider designing one Hurricane Sandy T-shirt if any fund to help American or Caribbean people rebuild somewhere comes to my knowledge. Maybe you remember that I did it for Japanese people and Kiwis. Normally I would not have designed two T-shirts motivated by natural disasters, it's just too sad. But I designed a T-shirt to Japan Earthquake Relief Fund and another to Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund in New Zealand where my friend Ross was trying to raise some money.I think there are already enough propositions to choose from on Zazzle.