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Compasionate Fury print
Compassionate Fury by janettedengo
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“I receive daily inspirations in my emails, stay in touch with friends and “butterflies” (people who come and go in and out of my life) I meet online. I love getting to know people. Once in a while, I run across a person who I may have a strong connection with and similar interests, and these are our balance partners. “

I was impressed by the beautiful photos I found on Janette Dengo’s blog and by her paintings too. Just look at the two posters she’s yelling at her Zazzle store. I decided to discover a little more about Janette and headed for her complete website where I found links to all the places where she sells her artwork and writing.

Who is this lady? She has an interesting life philosophy and while I was reading her About the artist I got the impression that she’s a very strong and sensitive person. Janette was born in Kosice, Slovak Republic, Europe in 1973. She's an award-winning artist. Now she lives in Canada but before that, she lived in Austria and Slovakia. She had to face a lot of challenges like learning a new language. She held numerous part-time jobs while finishing high school and receiving her OSSD and a year later pursuing a college degree in General Business. She believes that everything in life happens for a reason. After a car accident, she quit her job and got married. Then she decided to venture off into a field unknown and became a desktop publisher while playing and experimenting back into the art field. In the early part of 2007, she began opening and designing multiple online galleries and stores, where her artwork and designs are now displayed, viewed, and purchased. Art and writing are the life she loves, and a family is her priority. All her poems and articles are published at her present primary publishing site for writers called HELIUM. Love for arts and passion for color has opened Janette’s window to endless possibilities. She enjoys photography, painting, writing, illustrating, mixed media, jewelry design, and sewing and she’s constantly experimenting with different textures and colors. Most of her inspiration comes from nature and the elements. Janette loves learning and she's pretty much self-taught herself everything to do with website building while spending a lot of time on the net. Laughter is a must in her daily living. Finally, Janette believes that we are all here to learn what we are meant to. 

Now that you know a bit about her, go on and take a look at her website Janette Dengo's Fine Art and Photography or her Helium site and, of course, her Zazzle Store.


  1. Thank you so much Belinha, this is so sweet of you. Did you learn more about me? :) I am simple person with extraordinary dreams and goals I set for myself. Hopefully, I can achieve some of them in my life. Thank you again for giving me such honour & taking the time to learn and to write about me. So greatly appreciated. Xoxox


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