I bought myself a pair of purple shoes!

Porto has lots of shoe shops. You can find designer shoes and simple ones, cheap and expensive ones all in one street. As it was sales time I could not resist returning home with a new pair of shoes for half price!

Portugal is the world's eighth-largest producer of wine (Port Wine, Vinho Verde, and Madeira Wine) and the world’s largest producer of cork. Other major exports are clothing, synthetic fibers, paper products, and footwear. From January to June of 2011, Portugal exported footwear to over 130 countries on five continents. More than 95% of Portugal's production was exported.

"The Portuguese footwear industry, a youthful, sexy, modern, forward-facing industry that combines tradition with cutting-edge technology and know-how with the best in design, is constantly evolving." - Check the blog Portuguese Shoes for all information on Portuguese shoes if you are curious!

Well, I bought a pair of Aerosoles shoes. I like this brand a lot. These shoes are very comfortable and the design is great. I do a lot of walking especially since I sold my car. So I need good, comfortable shoes that last and look good for a long time. Aerosoles are not cheap but they are worth the price.

When American Aerogroup launched the brand, the U.S. company chose a Portuguese company named Investvar as the main supplier of shoes to the European continent. Then Africa and Middle East followed with four production facilities in Portugal and India. For more than 20 years Investvar was our biggest shoe exporter. In 2010 Aerogroup ended the contract with Investvar. But fortunately, these good shoes are still being manufactured here in Portugal and they can be found easily in many shops. (This is just an opinion, I wasn't paid in any way to write this postage!)