Contemporary handicraft in Gaia - Amor de Galo

A few weeks ago, you know, I went to Porto. As usual, I try to make the best of my time when I go there. As the weather was fine I crossed D.Luis bridge over the river Douro and went to Gaia, the city that stands in front of Oporto. The view from there is superb.

In Gaia, I found this super cute store that sells contemporary handicrafts. The store is very small but packed with beautiful crafts. And the girl in the store was so very nice. I really enjoyed our little chat while watching all the pieces on the display. Quite an exquisite selection of modern handcrafted dolls, necklaces, purses, and toys. If you have seen my previous post now you can understand where some of these modern crafters get their inspiration - the heart shape you can see on the store wall is from a traditional filigree heart. I loved a purse with this shape and a necklace too. Unfortunately, my souvenir budget was already spent by the time I reached the store. The name of the store is Amor de Galo ( Rooster's Love). The store has a blog with the same name - Amor de Galo - if you want to visit online.