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Today we're having a great Spring day. Walking for a while at a local city garden after lunchtime has made me think of the art of Joana Brommers. No computers, just traditional media and lots of whimsical flowers and animals. Joana lives in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, but she's British. She's a fine artist and illustrator who specializes in children's and fantasy illustration. She finds her inspiration from storytelling books. Music, nature, and movies also transport her to other worlds. Botanical illustration is also a field she loves due to the extensive details involved. She's inspired by the old classic illustrators during the Jugendstil era. i.e. Arthur Rackham, E. Burnes, Waterhouse, Mucha, and more. She always admired the fantasy/fairy art of Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter, and modern fairy/ fantasy artists such as Brian Froud and Linda Ravenscroft. Her main mediums of use are watercolors and colored pencils, alone or mixed. It's incredible to look at Joana's work and to know that she´s a self-taught artist. You can find her work at Zazzle's JBrommers or below. It's pure Spring magic!

"The products that you will find here are all produced using my original illustrations and fine art paintings. You will notice that my work has a nostalgic style that reminds me of the classic artists and illustrators of the late 19th Century and is full of magical creatures and detailed fauna and flora. When I paint I always have a goal in mind to bring back nostalgic memories and a sense of magic, that hopefully bring a smile to anyone's face." Joanna M. Bromley


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