January 8, 2013

Lovely Giveaway from Cara Carmina

Hello once more! Yes, I bring you another Giveaway! It's Cara Carmina's Giveaway. Cara makes paper dolls, textile creations and children illustration! She's celebrating the new year and the fact she has reached over 1,700 fans here in her Facebook page! You can also check her blog here.

To participate in this Lovely Giveaway:

1. You have to be a fan of her page (like it) and write a comment bellow the photo  I am showing above BUT ON HER FACEBOOK PAGE  letting her know your favorite love story and why!

2. You can have a 2nd vote if you share this giveaway in any social network or blog (please write a 2nd comment letting her know you did so and where)

The winner will get:

-1 Calendar
-1 print of the inside illustrations with a 8x10" mat
-1 brooch with one of my fav. illustrations

LAST DAY TO PARTICIPATE  is Saturday until midnight - Cara will announce the winner on SUNDAY!

♥♥♥ GOOD LUCK ♥♥♥

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