January 29, 2013

Gifts for Valentine's Day - A Pretty Necklace Collection

Hello again my friends, Zazzlers and ocasional visitors! 

I was here thinking to myself what gift would I like to get from Zazzle store for Valentine's Day and after giving it some thought my choice would be a necklace, what else? It's a pretty and feminine gift that we can keep close to our hearts. These necklaces arrive in a special black felt bag that is perfect for gifting. 

I picked a lot of pendants that make a good gift for Valentine's Day as you will see in this post. I am particularly fond of Vintage images and paintings from painters like Klimt or Klee. I also like the kaleidoscope designs or mandalas, I think they work so well in necklaces. Flowers and the color red are also timeless and ideal for the theme of love and passion! 

I picked lots of different types of necklaces from Zazzle talented artists. Some are really pretty. Usually I don't get gifts on Valentine's Day...it's not a tradition among Portuguese. At least not of my age. But today I am sending this link to my guy! Maybe I get get lucky this time! I will let you know!

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LOVE Square Necklace
LOVE Square Necklace by JuJuGarden
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Denim Heart Monogrammed Necklace
Denim Heart Monogrammed Necklace by nyxxie
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Colorful Heart Necklace
Colorful Heart Necklace by happycouples
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Cherry Heart Necklace
Cherry Heart Necklace by KirstenEdwards
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Bite me necklace
Bite me necklace by Hipster_Farms
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Red Rose Necklace
Red Rose Necklace by Visages
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Together Necklace
Together Necklace by madotta
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Coffee Cup with Hearts Custom Necklace
Coffee Cup with Hearts Custom Necklace by noietnao
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LOVE PENDANTS by lostlit
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Round Pendant Necklace
Round Pendant Necklace by karenbjones
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Your hugs are my favorite pendant
Your hugs are my favorite pendant by FamilyCares
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I love you necklace
I love you necklace by abstractdesigns
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Love Jewelry
Love Jewelry by NJHeart
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Giraffes in Love Necklace
Giraffes in Love Necklace by lesrubadesigns
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Photo Heart Medium Gold Finish Necklace
Photo Heart Medium Gold Finish Necklace by all_items
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The Kiss, 1907-08 Necklaces
The Kiss, 1907-08 Necklaces by bridgemanart
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Vintage Paris | Pink Necklace
Vintage Paris | Pink Necklace by DulceDahlia
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Jesus Loves Me Custom Jewelry
Jesus Loves Me Custom Jewelry by prawny_christian
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love cat 1 jewelry
love cat 1 jewelry by Lucia_Salemi
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Ballerina Shoes Custom Jewelry
Ballerina Shoes Custom Jewelry by danceweartshirts
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  1. Nice blog, and so many beautiful necklaces!

  2. Thanks for including me! www.zazzle.com/JuJuGarden*

  3. Thank you for this opportunity. Really happy to see my necklace design on your blog.
    Best wishes!!!!

  4. A great selection of romantic necklaces.

  5. Hi Belinha,

    thanks a lot for recommending one of my Claude Monet necklaces.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. A lot of pretty necklaces! Thank you for including my cherry heart necklace! Wishing you a fantabulous day!

  7. Beautiful selection! Thanks for including my vintage pink Paris design!


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