November 14, 2012

Wall Decals for the Holiday decoration

Santa Claus Waving Wall Decor
Santa Claus Waving Wall Decor by noboringwhite
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Santa Claus with presents Advent Calendar Room Stickers
Santa Claus with presents Advent Calendar Room Stickers by noboringwhite
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I was pretty excited about custom wall decals! This is a relatively new Zazzle product. I had a hard time creating the designs for it especially Santa Claus because I did not find guidelines for it. 
This postage is just a sample of some of my customized wall decals. Reusable wall decals can be a good solution for Christmas decoration. Sure it can brighten up any room!
Custom wall decals are printed with premium eco-solvent inks on high-quality fabric paper. Made to be moved, each wall decal can be peeled and repeeled up to one hundred times without damaging the decal or walls. No glue, no frames, no pain, so Zazzle says. Brilliant high-resolution printing on self-adhesive fabric paper. No wall damage or sticky residue. I am going to love it!

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