November 4, 2012

Portuguese music Vamos lá! - Come on!

It has been some time since I shared some Portuguese music on this blog. It feels the right moment as I am so tired I could fall asleep this precise moment! We had Winter Hour change last weekend and I am still not feeling comfortable with it! It's 02:26 but I feel like it's 03:26 already or more. So this is what I think - let's go sleep! No more hard work!

...But before let's enjoy this song. It's from a Portuguese TMN commercial. TMN is one of our mobile communications operators.The purpose of this 2012 campaign of TMN company is to give voice to those who, despite adversity, believe that they can achieve their goals. This communication campaign's theme is "Portugal is calling. Come on! "

This music was created by Somsom project. Somsom project is Fred and João Barbosa (aka J-Wow/Lil’John). They are producers to same big music Portuguese names like Orelha Negra or Sam The Kid. And they are in a popular group called Buraka Som Sistema.
The singer in the videos is Mel do Monte, lead singer of Miúda, another new band on the block.

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  1. Conhecia esta canção e não sabia de onde!Afinal é de um anúncio!!!


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